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After spending eight years traveling, teaching, and practicing experiential education, Danit returned to school to study Oriental Medicine.  She traveled with a backpack to far away places, only to return to the US and live in a van called Jordan.  Jordan provided the stability Danit needed in order to do what she loved to do: teach others about the environment.  Danit taught on mountaintops in California, in Arizona while building trails and dams, and off a boat in Florida.  When the weather turned cold, Danit accepted a position in the southern climes, while in the summer Danit worked in the mountains.  

While waiting tables in the Florida Keys, Danit decided to change the course of her life.  After much thought and soul searching, an early exposure to alternative medicine thanks to her upbringing, and a large dash of fate, she chose to study Chinese Medicine.

Armed with this decision, she landed herself in Portland, Oregon, at the National College of Natural Medicine.  Surprised by her own decisions, she found school stimulating and Portland to be very wet.

After four years of learning and toil, Danit found her life transformed.  She no longer lived a nomadic lifestyle; and she now had the education to pursue a career assisting people in their healing journey.  As much as she loved both teaching and being in the natural environment, Danit took environmental theories and applied them to healing in Chinese Medicine.  It stimulates the brain, engages her past experience, and provides a path toward healing for her patients.  Danit is honored to assist each persons’ journey out of pain, witnessing and assisting each patient’s journey toward health.  

To couple her understanding of nature, acquired as a nomad and environmental educator, she pursued mentorship in Classical Chinese Medicine, Worsley’s Five Element style, and Channel Theory under truly amazing doctors.

Chinese Medicine is a unique form of medicine today.  It works on a variety of levels, and although there are pattern-like symptomatology, each person is unique.  This keeps Danit intrigued and invested in each patient.  Energetic healing forms are attractive to Danit in their balancing the mechanics of function and tissue to act as an assist to each body’s innate desire and ability to heal. 

What we need are more people who specialize in the impossible.

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