Chinese Herbal Formulas

remind the body how to do it’s work

The balance and interaction of the ingredients are more important than the effect of each individual ingredient

The goal of Chinese Herbal Formulas is to remind the body how to do it’s work.  Formulas will perform up to 80% of the body’s task, requiring the body itself to fulfill 20% of the work required to function. As the body gets stronger, as acupuncture and life shift the state of being, the body will naturally accept a greater percentage of the work.  The herbal formula will complement the body’s function until herbal supplementation is no longer required.

Herbal Formulas are usually introduced between your third and fourth visit. In this, we seek to understand how you respond to acupuncture treatments, as herbal formulas act as a complement to acupuncture treatment.  The herbs are then administered in test doses.

 At Dragon’s Lair, we use Classical Pearls and KPC Brand Granules. 



Chinese Herbal Formulas can help treat the following and more:


Digestive Health


Cold and Flu Symptoms


Joint Pain


Sleep Problems

The balance and interaction of all the ingredients are more important than the effect of individual ingredients. It is this synergistic approach that enables Chinese Herbal Formulas to work on many levels of the body. 

They initiate a positive response from the body’s own regulatory systems.

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