Qi gong 

improve the relationship between the mind and body

Meditation In Movement

Qi Gong practice is over 5000 years old. Many Qi Gong practitioners show profound anti-aging effects, often looking decades younger than their actual age.  They also develop the incredible ability to heal themselves.  Most notably Qi Gong is used to improve the relationship between the mind and body.

Qi Gong will improve digestion, activate metabolism, strengthen and regulate blood circulation, maintain a strong immune system and help in dealing with life and stress.


Practicing Qi Gong can help with the following and more.


improve digestion


activate metabolism


regulate blood circulation


maintain a strong immune system

How does Qi Gong accomplish this?  

Qi nourishes the blood with the breath. It improves microcirculation to the brain, vital organs, intestines, endocrine glands and moves blood to avenues of microcirculation. This increased Qi and blood flow leads to enhanced detoxification, weight loss, and tissue rejuvenation. This increase of blood flow leads to increased sex drive, higher levels of secretion of growth hormone and extraordinary muscular endurance. It is quite possibly the most powerful form of exercise on Earth.

Tendon Changing Classic of the JinJing Qi Gong system is one of the most famous styles of Qi Gong.  It alters the connective tissues of the physical body. It includes individual physical movements, coordinated with the breath to help gradually refine the body’s connective tissues into a vastly stronger and exquisitely supple container that is you. 

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Looking to practice Qi Gong in Phoenix?

Qi Gong : Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 

$5 – 7:30 – 8:30 am @ Sumida Park – 1809 E Gardenia Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020 

We meet South of the Volleyball Court.  

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Did you know that Qi Gong is an anti-aging practice? It is a source of gentle exercise. 

As Qi Gong is practiced while standing, you are more than welcome to bring a stool if this could pose a challenge to you. While there are no special outfits, we encourage you to wear something comfortable.  Come join us!

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